Curiosity Quest

Curiosity Quest takes kids on a journey of discovery inside their own powerful childhood curiosity. From fire fighting to drum making to pilot instruction, join host Joel Green as he turns childhood curiosity into teachable moments.


Enviropals let's kids follow Rae Rae the red panda and his friends Safari Stan, Safari Sue and the Safari Kids along with their 16 zany animal puppet friends. In a fun yet educational style, this fast paced series introduces children to conserving the environment, science and the animals we need to protect.

Real Life 101

Real Life 101 knows kids wonder about what they might want to do for the rest of their lives? This series helps young teens learn about the sorts of careers they may some day choose for themselves. Rated High for Educational Content by the Annenberg Policy Center.

Mickey's Farm

Mickey's Farm features Mickey, a real Sheltie Sheep dog, and 14 year-old Megan, his wise, fun-loving best friend as they explore new things and encourage learning, problem-solving, friendship and co-operation.

Aqua Kids

Aqua Kids is dedicated to educating young people about the importance of protecting our diverse marine life environment at a time when it's needed most. The award-winning show travels the globe to bring adventure, preservation, exploration and inspiration to kids.

Cook Time with Remmi

Cook Time with Remmi is a health based cooking show hosted by 14-year-old chef Remmi Smith. The show is based on concerns for the current childhood obesity epidemic with an objective to link the skill of healthy cooking to improved nutrition.

Hooked on Science

Hooked on Science was created by Jason Lindsey, an award winning science educator. Each episode will demonstrate the creation and execution of fun, easy to do at home experiments which help explain real world science.

Spaghetti Eddie

Spaghetti Eddie is a series about a musician and his lovable characters that perform interactive concerts for children, which feature original songs and stories that teach valuable, age appropriate life lessons.